Korean Nighttime Meal Chimek, Fried or Roast Chicken with Beer


Fried Chicken & Beer – Korean nighttime meal & drinking culture.

If you are Korean or who came to South Korea travel, I think that you must have  heard about Fried Chicken and Beer, South Korean food names Chimaek(치맥). Because, most Korean think that Chimaek(치맥) is the best Korean cuisine. It is easy to find fried chicken restaurant when you want midnight snack because there are so many restaurants which sell fried chicken. And even if you feel tired to get out in your room, you can easily take chicken because most fried chicken restaurants offer delivery service.

So, most of the people in South Korea eat Chimaek(치맥) for midnight snack, socialize, even meal.

There are several ways to cook chicken. Fried, roast, soup, steamed, etc.. But this time, I am posting about the chicken matching with beer.

Korean eat the chicken in many ways. But I think that the best matching with beer is fried chicken. Of course, not only in Korea but also in foreign country, you can easily access restaurants which sell fried chicken. Because even KFC and McDonald’s sell fried chicken too. Eating fried chicken with beer take place as midnight snack culture by Korean. And these days, People who think about health and don’t like greasy food like oven roasted or charcoal grilled chicken.

About Kuba Kuba charcoal barbecue(꾸바꾸바 참숯불바베큐)

I post today Kuba Kuba(꾸바꾸바) is char-grilled chicken restaurant. Of course, fried chicken also sold, but, because of its charm and unique char-grilled chicken, charcoal grill is more famous.


Appearance of KubaKuba(꾸바꾸바)
Appearance of KubaKuba(꾸바꾸바)

The exterior looks a little similar to the regular chicken restaurant. Name of the restaurant, Kuba Kuba(꾸바꾸바) is written. The meaning of Kuba Kuba(꾸바꾸바) is grill and grill. As you can see, a picture of beer is also attached beside of the sign. You can find out the culture about Chimek(치맥). In front of the large windows, There are Pictures of the main food. You can see the kitchen which is visible through a window. In kitchen, chickens are fried,  grilled or seasoned. On the left side of the window, you can see opening hours. Kuba Kuba(꾸바꾸바) is opened from 6:00 pm to 6:00 am on next day. I think that cuisine which using chicken are eaten in night time, so it is opened and closed late.



Menu of Kuba Kuba(꾸바꾸바) chicken is as following.

Char-grilled BBQ seasoned chicken(숯불양념바베큐)
Char-grilled BBQ salted chicken(숯불소금구이바베큐)
Fried Chicken (large)(후라이드 치킨(대))
Fried Chicken (medium)(후라이드 치킨(중))

Spicy Chicken(양념치킨)

Soybean seasoned Chicken(간장치킨)

Kentucky Chicken(캔터치치킨)

Charcoal smoke chicken(숯불스모크 치킨)

While fried barbecue chicken(통구이 후라이드)

half & half charcoal grilled chicken seasoned & salted)(숯불구이반마리(양념-소금))

half & half fried chicken(chilly & soy sauce)(후라이드반마리(양념-간장))

In Korea, most of fried chicken restaurants offer delivery service. If you are close to an order you just take a phone call and place an order at home or elsewhere.  Of course you can eat in the restaurant, and it is also possible to go packing! I ordered half-half char-grilled chicken with package available to eat with my family. So, I could not take picture for pricing information and detailed menu.


Package of grilled chicken
Package of grilled chicken

Package Box
Package Box

A box of grilled chicken, wooden chopsticks and a salad, pickled radishes, salt are packaged. Packing box has a picture of chicken.


Seasoned charcoal grilled chicken
Seasoned charcoal grilled chicken

Salted charcoal grilled chicken
Salted charcoal grilled chicken

I brought home my grilled chicken. I ordered half of seasoned and half of salted grilled chicken. They were packed separated.

Today I chose Soju, not beer

A pice of Seasoned
A pice of Seasoned

The taste of grilled marinated chicken was plain, not greasy flavor. Not so spicy, not salty, savory and plain. There is lots of flesh and not so many bones. So it is easy to eat. It also included baked rice bread which felt like chewy.

A piece of salted
A piece of salted

Taste of salted grilled chicken is little bland, but it was watery side. If you take the enclosed salt, you could feel moderately savory taste. Personally salted grilled chicken is much better for me because I can feel more flavory chicken and charcoal taste.

Overall, I can feel refreshing, nutty flavor because of it is not fried but charcoal grilled chicken. Usually, In Korea, greasy or fried foods are suit with beer, baked, stir-fried, souped, spicy foods are suit with Soju, So, Kuba kuba(꾸바꾸바) charcoal grilled chicken is good suit with soju too.


It was a whole piece without pay extra mild midnight snack, I recommend Kuba Kuba(꾸바꾸바) to the snacks. I want to eat Kuba Kuba charcoal grilled chicken later.

My rating