Korean chilly pork restaurant near Gwananri beach, Busan



What food I would eat? I chose Korean chilly pork

I always fall in swamp of worries that’s just the menu selection at lunchtime on every weekday. Due to the reason why I originally like Korean food, today, Korean food was my choice for the lunch.
I went to Dwejijup(Pork restaurant) which is Korean chilly pork restaurant Namcheon-dong dwejijip near gwananri beach, Busan, Korea (남천동 돼지집) near where I work.

If you are planning kimchi tour or to visit Korean, you would wondering what to eat. If you are meatatarian(meat eater), I recommend to visit Korean chilly pork or pork belly bulgogi restaurant.

There are many cuisine by using pork belly Bulgogi. You can marinate pork belly Bulgogi with soy sauce(간장 불고기) or chilly sauce(고추장 불고기) and you can easily find which sells Bulgogi Korean restaurant or Korean pork belly.
Today, I am posting about pork with chilly sauch and kimchi which named Kimchi Duruchigi(김치 두루치기)




Appearance and Feeling

Confidence in pork cuisine seems to be the name of the house.


Welcome words & the restaurant’s name in red were written in the front. It was very simple.


The menu was displayed on the side windows and billboard as well.


Namcheon Pork restaurant(남천동 돼지집) will be held a first anniversary event of the movie ticket.

Over ₩ 60,000, or if more than ₩ 40,000 only in cash is supposed to get the movie tickets.

It’s not stated when the time-up is. For us, it was actually not applicable because It was hard for us to eat more than ₩ 40,000 with only two people.

Anyway, we went inside.

The Menu & The Food


This restaurant shows up using the domestic pork with the highest ratings (In Korea, domestic pork is normally treated as the most expensive and luxurious ingredient)

Menu is as following.
Samgyeopsal(삼겹살), Sheath pork, Korean pork belly 130g     : 9,000 won
Ohgyeopsal(오겹살),  Sheath pork, Korean pork belly 130g       : 9,000 won
Moksal(목살), Throaty pork, Korean style bacon 130g              : 9,000 won
Seasoned Throaty pork(양념목살), Korean style bacon  130g     : 9,000 won
Pork Rinds(돼지껍데기)                                                           : 4,000 won

A bowl of steamed rice                        : 2,000 won
Fried rice                                            : 2,000 won
Cold Noodle named Naengmyeon(냉면)  : 4,500 won

Lunch menu
Duruchigi(두루치기), Korean chilly pork                             : 6,000 won
Kimchi Duruchigi(두루치기), Korean chilly pork with kimchi : 6,000 won
Special Duruchigi(두루치기), special Korean chilly pork       : 6,000 won
Kimchi stew(김치찌개)                                                     : 6,000 won
Naengmyeon(냉면), Cold Noodle                                     : 6,000 won
Gonggibap(공기밥) A bowl of steamed rice                       : 1,000 won

Soju(소주)            : 3,000 won
Beer(맥주)            : 4,000 won
Beverage(음료수)   : 1,000 won
25% Whayo(화요) : 2,000 won


For the lunch, we ordered two Kimchi Duruchigi(두루치기), the Korean chilly pork lunch menu.


Rolls out like a basic cold vegetables, stir-fried anchovies ,kimchi, fried eggs and etc. also provided.


Rice is provided in a stainless steel bowl and I think its intention’s mixing fried egg with vegetables.

pic08_soupSalty flavour of Korean soybean paste was very deep. It felt like the taste was deeper than other restaurants.

Inside of soup, it contains zucchini, hot chilly, onions, leeks and things like that.

Main Dish & Enjoying the meal


Kimchi Duruchigi(두루치기), Korean chilly pork, main dish was served.
It looked like dark red was covered overall, because of the colour of kimchi.
It looks delicious though if you have huge stomach, you feel like this amount of this may be a little bit short.

Main with rice
Main with rice


There are lots of Kimchi as its name is Kimchi Duruchigi(두루치기) Korean chilly pork. I scooped a spoon and ate it. It was salty, so, it was well suitable with rice.

There was not that much amount of meat, but rice and miso soup was sufficient and delicious.

Finishing and Assessment


Today without doubt thoroughly emptied the bowl.
This amount could be easily done to eat for normal people’s stomach.

It seems like the taste was the most delicious out of the taste of porks that I have ever eaten though, the amount of dish in this restaurant was the most smallest out of what I’ve experienced.

Total Ratings

4.5 / 5