How To Make Korean Kimchi at House? Kimchi Recipe


I decided to write this article, because my friend from Kensas wanted to have this special recipe when they visited Korea. Yay~! So, I’m going to show you and him the Recipe of Kimchi, How to make Korean Traditional Kimchi.

Kind of Kimchi – hunderds


In Korea, there are hundreds kinds of Kimchi. but Most Traditional one is Pogi-Kimchi.


With this traditional style Kimchi, you can make various of Korean side dishes like Kimchi Soup, Kimchi Stew, Grilled Kimchi.. or things like that. Even more than that, you can make Pancakes, dumplings, fried rice, etc.. (Actually Kimchi dumpling is my favourite) If you have never made Kimchi before, I guess this is very good chance for you to learn how to make traditional Kimchi. Actually certain amount of ingredient like typical recipe is not important for Kimchi. Ingredients of Kimchi are normally two things. One is Napa Cabbage and another is Kimchi paste. Let’s just follow the below instruction!

Napa Cabbage – the base of Kimchi

If you are making big amount of Kimchi, then calculate how many cabbages you are going to use. For Korean, we eat Kimchi every meal, every day. So, we normally spend 1 cabbage in 2 weeks. If you are firstly trying, I recommend you to have two or three cabbages. Good cabbage is it looks having lots of green stuff. Check if the leaves are alive. Practically, peak season for the Napa Cabbage is Autumn. Just before winter starts, it become more delicious, juicy and beautiful.

  1. Cut off the top part of the cabbage like above, if this really stand out. It’s totally ok to eat this but normally too hard.
  2. Cut them in half, give a little slit like above.
  3. On the Centre below another slit!
  4. Before salting, We need to soak in the cold water to make cabbage contains water which makes salt easily go into the cabbage. Wet leaves will absorb salt more easily.
  5. Prepare Kosher salt and sprinkle each leaf of cabbages between leaf and leaf and note that stem part just need more salt. we need to wait till cabbages properly absorb the salt in their body(evenly salted). We need to turn it over every 30 minutes by 3~4 hours which means we need to turn it over 6~8 times in total. Just put it aside and take care of time.

Porridge – The magic paste which makes Kimchi flavour

This is really important when you make real nice delicious Kimchi. Why? Cause this is all that makes the chilly, spicy flavour of Kimchi and Colour as well. It should nicely look like a paste. The Purpose of this porridge is to put, rub this on the each leaf of cabbages making it stick to the cabbage leaves.


Dried Hot Pepper Flakes, All Ingredients like garlic, onion, radish and minced stuffs

  1. Pure the Two cups of plain water(boiled water with anchovy would be also great), Two Table spoons of sweet rice flour which is Glutinous rice flour such as Mochiko powder in the pot. And turn the fire on stirring! Just in case you don’t have sweet rice flour, then just use plain all purpose flour. That would be ok.
  2. If it starts boiling(9m~ 12m), then put the two table spoons of brown sugar(if not, white sugar is ok) and stir it again to be well mixed.
  3. After mixing it well, get rid of fire and let it cool down.
  4. Just for your information.. don’t forget to turn it over the cabbages.. 🙂

Vegetables, Seasoning

Radish, Carrot, Green Onion(scallion) or Asian chives
Garlic, Ginger, Onion

  1. Slice the Korean radish and carrot as much as you want like matchstick. (it might be sold at Korean grocery store)
  2. Chop the green onion or chives as much as you want
  3. If you are interested in putting some other vegetables, just try!
  4. Prepare some garlics, gingers, onions to make Puree
  5. Put the half cup of the garlics, around two tea spoons of ginger, one cup of onion in to the mixing machine and don’t hesitate to mix it.
  6. Mix the Minced garlic, ginger, onion with the Porridge that you just made.
  7. Put Half a cup of fish sauce and quarter cup of fermented salted shrimp into the Porridge and mix it
  8. Lastly, prepare some red pepper paste and put it into the Porridge as much as you want. If you enjoy very spicy, then put a lot. If you don’t and just want mild type, then particular amount. It totally depends on you.
  9. Now Kimchi paste is ready
  1. If you think cabbage have had proper time to be salted, wash the cabbages with fresh water 3~4 times. and squeeze the water properly.(If you don’t squeeze, paste will not stick to the kimchi.
  2. Mix the prepared paste with the chopped vegetables.
  3. Now, it’s ready to make Kimchi!!!
  4. Put prepared paste between the leaves of each cabbage properly. The more you give the effort, the better Kimchi taste will be


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